Frequently Asked Questions
Do We Limit Communication With Our Clients?

Over the past few months, we’ve been getting this question more often than not, “Do you limit or have a restriction on your communication with your clients?”,

The answer is absolutely not!

Having a limit on the amount of time or emails or whatever other means of communication with our clients would only hurt us. We believe communicating with our clients as much as possible is key to getting as much information as possible, so we would never restrict the amount of time a client can contact us or how many calls we can have with them.

It’s crucial to the planning process that we walk with our clients every step of the way and this is something we let our clients know. We love hearing from our clients, so don’t stop contacting us!  ❤️


Can you recommend vendors to us?

Of course, we have a vendor list we provide to all of our clients! We include vendor credits in our Weddings section.

Do you recommend we have assigned seating?

In most cases, no. Definitely assign a table to your guests, but let them sit where they want on that table.

How many other people come with you on the day of the wedding?

It depends on your guest count. We average one person per 50-75 guests.

What packages do you offer?

We offer day of (which starts two months prior), partial planning (6 months), and full planning! See our package details.

Should I pay for my bridesmaid’s hair and makeup?

In my opinion, yes. The average bridesmaid spends over $1,000.00 on everything that revolves around your big day (clothing, accessories, gifts, travel and accommodation), so let’s show them how much you appreciate all their time and efforts!

Which months are best for us to host our wedding?

January and February are the best (here in Florida). You have a higher chance of a sunny day, no rain, no tropical storms/hurricanes, and you might even get a cold front!

How do we save the date with you?

Once we confirm your date is available and we have our initial consultation, it’s as simple as signing the contract and paying the retainer. Request an appointment.

Why don’t you offer a package for just the day of the wedding?

Our involvement in your wedding day is more than a one-day commitment. If we were to show up on the day of your wedding without being familiarized with the details of your wedding, we would not be able to execute your day successfully.

What do you require from your clients?

Our biggest requirement is communication. We expect our couples to communicate all things related to their wedding day with us. Even if you’re reaching out to a vendor, we ask to be copied in those emails so we’re always aware if there is any change or update to anything.

Can you help us stay on budget?

Absolutely! During our initial consultation, we will discuss budget and create a realistic breakdown, showing you what percentage of your budget each category will use. We will also help you find the best vendors to fit your budget.

How do you communicate with clients?

Our preferred method of communication with clients is emails and phone calls. Mostly email because we can always keep track of our work.

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