Picture this… You wake up in your wedding venue suite on the morning of your wedding day, you put on your bride robe and/or pajama, and you walk to the room where hair and makeup artists have set up their stations and they are waiting for you and your girls. Your breakfast arrives thirty minutes later while hair and makeup has started and once the first set of girls is done with their hair and makeup, now it’s time for the next set to start. But then, one of your bridesmaids decides she does not like the hairstyle done to her, so now that hairstylist is behind by 20 minutes since she has to take her hair down and fix it to her liking.

Instances like these happen all the time, it’s a very common occurrence on wedding days, which is why we always give a thirty-minute buffer on our timelines from the time hair and makeup should be completed, to the time the photographers and videographers arrive. This way, you don’t have your photographers and videographers waiting around while you could be getting more pictures during that time.

Another example we see sometimes is that not everyone on your bridal party arrives at the start time of hair and makeup, which means that will cause delays as well. Always make sure everyone is there at the same time!

On your wedding day, it’s always better to be prepared rather than sorry!


Wedding Planning by JV Wedding Planning
Photography by La Vie Studios
Makeup and Hair by Style Me Elvi