Are you on the fence about hiring a wedding planner for your special day? Do you have doubts on what a wedding planner actually does? Let me take a minute to break it down for you…

A wedding planner is a key factor in making sure your wedding day runs seamlessly and smoothly, which allows you to actually enjoy your wedding day.

A wedding planner will be guiding you through your wedding planning process, they will be your confidant and your advisor, they will take care of all of the logistics and vendors on the wedding day, so you won’t be bothered!

Before the wedding day? Now that’s an infinite amount of things your wedding planner will handle. Not only do we provide our clients with our vendor list, but we also recommend the vendors we think fit their wedding the best, so you don’t have to go through 5-6 vendors to find your fit! We provide our clients with an abundance of information that you can’t just download from the internet.

We research the best venues, we get proposals from vendors, we go through your contracts and invoices to make sure all the X’s and O’s are taken care of, we track your budget, we handle logistics (a skill that many can learn, but only years of experience sets us above the rest), we create an extremely detailed timeline, we create your floor plan(s), we’re there at the menu tasting and floral sample, and we help you design your wedding stationary. From meetings with vendors to sampling cake, we’re there every step of the way!

Designing your wedding is also part of your job! We go over everything that has to do with flowers, linens, furniture, style, aesthetic, rentals, etc.. It’s all part of what we do! The aesthetics of your wedding, your vision, which you’ve probably been thinking about for a very long time, we help you bring it to life!

You want your wedding planner to be with you from start to finish because we take your wedding as if it was our own wedding, which brings you peace of mind.

It’s important that the wedding planner you choose loves what they do. They breathe, eat, and sleep thinking of weddings, because we just can’t envision a life without them!

It’s hard to put into words everything that a wedding planner does for their clients because there is just so much that goes into planning a wedding, but hopefully this gives you some insight!


Planning by JV Wedding Planning
Photo by Maloman Studios
Flowers and Rentals by Petal Productions