Planning your wedding can be stressful, (just kidding, it definitely is stressful) which is why we’re here to remind you of some very important wedding day tips you don’t want to forget!

  • Don’t forget the marriage license!
  • Don’t forget to steam your dress; most of the time, the hotels don’t have one (make sure you open and fan out the dress in the getting ready room the moment you go into that room or leave out as of the night before).
  • Make sure to have all your rings, accessories (jewelry, garter, any special family jewel, watch, cufflinks, perfume, etc), invitations, veil, and shoes ready set for when the photographer/videographer arrive, so they can capture everything. Don’t forget your something old, blue, new, and borrowed!
  • Make sure to have everything in one room so you aren’t bouncing back and forth looking for things in other hotel rooms. My suggestion is to pack up everything in a bag for your getting ready portion of the day.
  • Keep your getting ready room as clean and tidy as possible for pictures. If you need to, keep everything in one corner of the room so no one is wasting time moving and shoving things around.
  • Always ask your officiant/pastor/rabbi/priest, to ask your guest to keep their phones, cameras, and/or iPad’s down.
  • Always ask your planner to schedule time for just you and your fiancé on the wedding day since that will most likely be the only alone time you have all day.
  • Most important tip and reminder is to fully relax and enjoy the day. It will go by so fast!


Wedding Planning by JV Wedding Planning

Photo by Manolo Dorete